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What is Engineering Accreditation Council

Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) is the body delegated by Board of Engineers (BEM) for accreditation of engineering degrees. This is to ensure that the quality of engineering programmes conducted in Institutions of Higher Learning attains the minimum standard comparable to global practice. The EAC comprises of representatives of BEM, the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and the Public Service Department (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA)).

Malaysia is a signatory of Washington Accord (WA), an accord which recognises the substantial equivalence of such programmes in satisfying the academic requirements for the practice of engineering at the professional level. This indicates that engineering programmes accredited by EAC are on par with entry qualification to practise engineering in all signatory countries under the WA, including the United States, Australia, Canada and Japan.

During the accreditation visit, the engineering programme will be assessed based on the qualifying requirements of:

  • Programme Educational Objectives
  • Programme Learning Outcomes
  • Academic Curriculum
  • Students
  • Academic and Support Staff
  • Facilities
  • Quality Management Systems

Further details of engineering programme accreditation manual can be obtained via the following link:


Accreditation History of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours

The programme was first introduced in 2004 with the designation Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours. The programme has undergone and secured five successive accreditations by the EAC. The latest accreditation exercise was conducted on 17th – 18th October 2016. Table 1 summarises the details of the accreditation and certification awarded to the programme. 

EAC Reference

Year of Graduation

Date of Certification

Certification No.

BEM/008/0600/3 2006/2005 (0572)

2005 – 2007

(3 years)

9th October 2007


BEM/ACC/02-8 (BEM/008/0600/M/2007/2004 (0612)

2007 to 2008

(2 years)

31st December 2007


BEM/008/0600/M (005)

2009 to 2011

(3 years)

19th January 2010


BEM/008/0600/M (006)

2012 to 2013

(2 years)

24th September 2012



2014 to 2016

(3 Years)

12th March 2014



2017 to 2021

(5 Years)

22nd May 2017 1096