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"Inspired by the tagline "Technically above the Rest", the Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (FKMP) has developed as one of the strongest faculties in UTHM. With the aim is to produce and train responsible, competent, creative and innovative professional in the field of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering through world class academic programmes, FKMP has seen sudden changes in its academic approaches. The faculty is currently supported by 129 active academic staff and 52 support staff. FKMP is proud to have 78% of its academic staff with PhD qualification, ensuring the highest quality in teaching and learning to the presently 2200 undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) students."

The faculty offers various UG and PG academic programmes, covering the Mechanical, Manufacturing, Material and Aeronautics. All programmes embrace the Outcome Based Education in its philosophy thus having fully accredited by the respective Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC). Also, FKMP is also offering two aeronautical engineering technology programmes that is not only awarding the degree but also the professional pilot and aircraft maintenance licences, approved by the Dept of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCAM).
The research and innovation have played an important role for FKMP. Since its establishment in 2004, research activities in FKMP have flourished to an arguably the strongest in UTHM. With the highest number in research grants obtained, the highest number in publications has put FKMP as one of the main contributors for UTHM MYRA success. FKMP is also proud to be the only faculty in UTHM that was once listed in QS World Ranking by Subject in 2015. The welfare of students are not excluded. The introduction of FKMP My Graduate Employability Skills (MYGEMS), the students are benefited with various interpersonal skills that allowing them to be more marketed.
There are a lot more to say about FKMP. Come and join us. Soaring High with FKMP.


Leading the application of science and technology in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering for universal prosperity


To produce and train responsible, competent, creative and innovative professionals in the field of Mechanical  and Manufacturing Engineering, through world-class academic programmes.