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Bachelor of Technology in Oil and Gas Plant Operation with Honour (BDG)

The Bachelor Degree programme has received an accreditation by MQA. 

The Malaysian Board of Technology (MBOT) has accredited the Bachelor of Technology in Oil and Gas Plant Operation with Honour (BDG).


Bachelor of Technology in Oil and Gas Plant Operation with Honours is designed according to the Malaysia Board of Technologist (MBOT) and Technology & Technical Accreditation Standard. This programme aims to produce professional Oil and gas technologist that will be able to conduct plant operation job scope including operation, services and maintenance of mainly downstream equipment and facilities. 


Students have an opportunity to get professional certificate related to safety, services, maintenance, commissioning and start-up activities in the oil and gas industry. The faculty is committed to produce excellent graduates that meet the market needs, locally and globally. The undergraduate programme has been developed in response to the current requirements of the rapidly evolving oil & gas industry. The programme is designed with an emphasis on practical application that would enable students to apply new knowledge in the real-world. 


The curriculum adopted Work Based Learning (WBL) learning approach and implemented 2U2I mode of learning which require students to study in the university for two and the half years and one year in the industry. This is to ensure the graduates are not only equipped with sufficient engineering technology knowledge but also strengthening their soft skills. To produce competent, technically skilful, and innovative graduates, the program is designed to have a combination of engineering technology degree with a broad knowledge and in-depth understanding of the following related field: 


  • Mechanical & Maintenance 
  • Instrumentation Process Equipment 
  • Health & Safety Environment 
  • Plant & Management 
  • Piping & Plant Design 
  • Control, PLC & DCS 
  • Professional certification: OGSP, Boilerman, OSHE, OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization. 

Course Aims 

  1. The Bachelor of Technology In Oil and Gas Plant Operation with Honours programme prepares graduates to be: 
  2. Produce professional technologists in the field of oil and gas plant operations. 
  3. Produce an expert in the field of oil and gas plant operations. 
  4. Produce ethical and respected leaders. 

Our Staff


PEO1 To produce professional technologists in the field of oil and gas plant operations  

PEO2 Produced senior executive in oil and gas plant operations industry. 

PEO3 To produce ethical and respected leaders  



PLO1 Knowledge  

Apply the knowledge of technology fundamental to broadly  defined procedures, processes, systems and methodologies in the oil and gas fields.    

(MQF Cluster 1, TTAC 1) 

PLO2 Practical Skills and High Technology 

Propose and employ current tools and techniques to resolve broadly defined problems.  

(MQF Cluster 3a & 3d, TTAC 2) 

PLO3 Analytical and Critical Thinking and Scientific Approach  

Demonstrate deep investigative and significant thinking abilities to solve broadly defined problems in the oil and gas fields.  

(MQF Cluster 2 & 3e, TTAC 3) 

PLO4 Communication Skills  

Communicate effectively and flexibly in oral and written language for social, academic, and professional purposes.  

(MQF Cluster 3c, TTAC 4) 

PLO5 Social and Responsibility in Society and Technologist Community  

Illustrate the understanding of corresponding issues related to society and the subsequent responsibilities to the broadly-defined technology practices.   

(MQF Cluster 5, TTAC 5) 

PLO6 Lifelong learning and information management  

Acknowledge the requirement of professional establishment and to employ independent continuing learning in Mechanical, Instrument, Process and Safety in Oil and gas fields.  

(MQF Cluster 4a, TTAC 6) 

PLO7 Entrepreneurs and Management Skills  

Illustrate consciousness of management and technopreneurship routine in real perspective.  

(MQF Cluster 4b, TTAC 7) 

PLO8 Ethics and Professionalism  

Illustrate ethical awareness and professionalism.  

(MQF Cluster 5, TTAC 8) 

PLO9 Teamwork and Leadership  

Illustrate leadership character, mentoring and work efficiently in diverse teams.  

(MQF Cluster 3b dan 3f, TTAC 9) 


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