Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering Technology
(Professional Piloting) (Honours) [BDC]

MQA Accreditation MQA/FA4509


The faculty is committed to produce excellent graduates that suitable for market needs, locally and globally. The undergraduate programme has been developed in response to the requirements of fast evolving industry. The programmes are designed with an emphasis on practical application that would enable students to apply new knowledge in the real-world. It concentrates on the aeronautical engineering technology to provide the substantial knowledge and skills for future engineers in related areas and applications. The programme goes through a periodical review of every 2 years to ensure the continual suitability and relevance to the need of the market industry.

In order to produce competent, technically skillful, and innovative graduates, these programs are designed to have a combination of engineering degree components and professional licensing components. For the engineering degree components, the offered courses cover all areas under aeronautical engineering technology such as aerodynamics, aircraft structure and design, propulsion, aircraft systems and control, and material technology. These courses are conducted through lectures, tutorials, laboratory experiments, bachelor degree project, workshop practices, and industrial training, which are all accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

The professional licensing components are all required courses for pilot training engineer. For these professional licensing components, students will go through structured programs that are authorized by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCAM). The programs contain both theoretical and practical aspects that finally enable students to obtain Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL frozen). The tremendous feature in these programs which combines aeronautical engineering degree and professional licensing is the completion will only take 4 years.


Programme Information

General requirements

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with at least grade B in Bahasa Melayu and English;


Malaysia Ministry of Education Matriculation Certificate / Equivalent Obtained CPA ≥ 2.80 in Matriculation Examination / equivalent with at least grade B in Mathematics / Engineering Mathematics, Chemistry / Engineering Chemistry and Physics / Engineering Physics / Biology (with at least grade B in Physics at SPM level) / Mechanical Engineering Studies.


STPM / equivalent with at least grade B in Mathematics / Pure Mathematics / Applied Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics / Biology (with at least grade B in Physics at SPM level).


Diploma / Equivalent

Diploma from any Public Institution of Higher Education (IPTA) / Polytechnics / equivalent qualification with at least CPA ≥ 2.80 in related fields or CPA ≥ 2.50 with Two (2) years working experience in the related fields


Special requirements

  1. Obtain at least band 3 in Malaysian University English Test (MUET)
  2. Pass interview
  3. Pass Aptitude and Attitude Tests
  4. Pass medical examination
  5. BMI approximately ~25 
  6. Not short/long sighted, not color blind, speech disorder (nasal deficiency, stuttering, etc) and not vertigo effected
  7. No disability (blind / deaf / paralyzed / mute) which poses problems to the practical work.


ATPL / AMEL / Aerodrome License holders are eligible to apply.

Curriculum Summary


Year Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
1 Academic Components
2 Academic Components
3 Academic Components Licensing Components
4 Licensing Components
Total Credit 145

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