Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Engineering (Coursework)


MQA Accreditation MQA/PA11789


Aligning with global trends, a priority for the government, the private sector and the community as a whole is to transition towards a highly sustainable energy sector. In managing such colossal change, there would be a growing need for capable individuals with post-graduate qualification in sustainable energy technologies and engineering. Therefore, this programme is designed to provide its students with the necessary skills in order to attempt essential aspects of the energy sector from supply to demand-side, focusing on efficient use of renewable resources, sustainable energy management and reduction of industrial impact towards the environment. The course structure balances the delivery of fundamental knowledge, technical strategies, and real-world applications that would bring its graduates to the forefront of sustainable energy development.

Upon completion of the programme, graduates should be able to: 
1. Demonstrate expertise and competency in sustainable energy engineering technology and knowledge. 
2. Accomplish sustainable energy engineering project development and applications in related fields.
3. Facilitate knowledge and technology transfer to the community professionally.


Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  1. Demonstrate mastery of knowledge in the sustainable energy engineering science field. [Knowledge]
  2. Apply practical skills in the sustainable energy engineering science field. [Practical]
  3. Demonstrate leadership qualities through communicating and working effectively with peers and stakeholders. [Communication, Leadership & Teamwork]
  4. Generate solutions to problems using scientific and critical thinking skills. [Critical Thinking and Problem Solving]
  5. Relate ideas to societal issues in sustainable energy engineering science field. [Social Skills and Responsibilities]
  6. Manage information for lifelong learning. [Information Management & Lifelong Learning Skills]
  7. Conduct research with minimal supervision and adhere to legal, ethical and professional codes of practice. [Values, Attitude & Profesionalism]

Programme Information

Mode of Study:
MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering is a coursework postgraduate academic programme offered in full time and part time bases
2 intakes / year (February and September) 
Minimum 1 year (full time) and 2 years (part time) 
Entry Requirement:
1. Bachelor Degree in Engineering, Science or Technology from recognized institutions with minimum CPA ≥ 2.50
2. Working experiences in related field for those who do not meet the minimum CPA
3. International students are required to meet a minimum score of TOEFL 500IELTS 5 or MUET Band 3
Local students: MYR 1730 per semester (full time)
International students: MYR 3938 per semester (full time)
** Fees may change without prior notice. Please contact us
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Curriculum Summary

Programme Structure:

The programme comprises a total of 40 credits consisting of 8 core courses, 9 elective courses clustered by specialisation and a master project. 


Core Courses: 

Energy Scenario & Policy 
Energy Economics 
Sustainable & Renewable Energy 
Environmental Management 
Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution 
Energy Management in Building 
Energy in Transportation
Research Methodology 
Elective Courses:

Elective courses are offered under 3 specialisations for students to voluntarily choose to endeavour the key energy sectors:  

Specialisation 1: Power Generation & Distribution
1. Power Generation & Plant Design
2. Power Transmission & Distribution Design 
3. Thermal Systems Operation & Design

Specialisation 2: Energy Management & Efficiency**
1. Energy Measurement & Verification
2. Energy Efficient Equipment 
3. Energy Audit in Building

Specialisation 3: Transportation 
1. Powertrain Engineering
2. Energy Recovery System in Transportation
3. Fundamental of Combustion 


**Graduates in Energy Management & Efficiency specialisation will be certified as a Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM) by the Energy Commission Malaysia (ST).

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