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Welcome to FKMP PSM Online

The assessment system has been replaced by a new one in TCIS. Students can download files without login. This system is not used anymore.

The Bachelor’s Degree Project (PSM) is a systematic academic training which utilizes the use of engineering knowledge, skills, concepts and problem solving techniques.

A project may involve: (1) study of a phenomenon/process/system, (2) design/construction of components/products, (3) software development, or (4) case study. A project could be industrial-based or lab-based.

The Bachelor’s Degree Project is divided into two sections; (1) Bachelor Degree Project I and (2) Bachelor Degree Project II with the former being the prerequisite for the latter and each carried out consecutively in two separate semesters.


Important News


PSM 1 & 2 _ JKM (Updated 24/05/2017)

PSM 1 & 2 _ JKBR (Updated 24/05/2017)

PSM 1 & 2 _ JKPI (Updated 22/05/2017)

PSM 1 & 2 _ JKT (Updated 24/05/2017)

PSM 1 & 2 _ JKA (Updated 22/05/2017)

Please ensure that you refer to the updated schedule. Contact the department committee for further enquiry.

ALL PSM students must register.
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